Look Memorial Fund Committee
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The Look Memorial Fund Committee is responsible for reviewing and making determinations for funding of requests from qualified organizations for funding from the Look Memorial Fund.


Organized thru the Look Memorial Trust - March 1982

Meets as needed

    First Appointed
Tim Van Laan 429 N. Washington 11/2015  Tax Consultant
Chris Godbold-Chair 3190 Natures Place Dr., S.E. 10/2010  Committee Appointment
Jim Hodges 422 N. Hudson 11/2015  City  Rep.-Community-At-Large
Leah Vredenburg 850 Hillside Ct. 12/2001  Congregational Church Rep.
Mike DeVore 424 Elm City Rep. – Councilmember

Contact Information

Lowell City Hall

301 East Main Street

Lowell, MI 49331


City of Lowell

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