Recreation Park

Recreation Park and Fairgrounds
This 30-acre park is located along the northwest corner of the confluence of the Flat River and the Grand River. The park is bordered along the west side by Hudson Street, and by the Flat River along the east side of the park, and by the Grand River along the south side of the park. The park has been home to the Kent County Youth Fair for decades, although the KCYF will be moving to a new location on Cascade Rd beginning in August 2023.

Several years ago Recreation Park was the home to the high school football team at Burch Field.  While the Lowell Public Schools have built sport facilities at the high school, Burch Field is still in use today by Lowell Youth Football and Lowell Youth Lacrosse.  The lighted field is an exciting place for the youngsters to play as they work their way up to the high school ranks!  There is a softball field located at the north end of the park.  It has lights, dugouts, and covered bleachers.  This facility is well used in the spring and summer by Lowell Little League and other sport teams.   

Other facilities in the park include walking trails, benches, picnic table and fire pits near the river, fishing along the rivers, rustic camping facilities, and a boat launch on the Grand River.

The City owns two buildings on the site. The Foreman Building is a large open structure and is currently utilized by the City’s Department of Public Works. The King Memorial Building was once the location of an outdoor pool.  The building has a large meeting area plus locker rooms and bathroom facilities.  

Rental and other information

  • Rental of the King Building can be made by contacting the Kent County Youth Fair at or 616-897-6050 or by contacting the CIty Hall at 616-897-8457..
  • Rental use of Burch Field can be made by contacting City Hall  at 616-897-8457.
  • For more information on Lowell Youth Football you may contact:
  • For more information on Lowell Youth Lacrosse you may contact:
  • Rental of the softball field, as well as participation with youth baseball and softball can be made by contacting Lowell Little League:,

Future Plans
With the upcoming exit of the Kent County Youth Fair from the fairgrounds and Recreation Park, in 2019 the City undertook developing the Lowell Recreation Park Engagement Summary and Design Plan. Through this community engagement project, a concept for a future Recreation Park was developed.  Conceptual site plan elements include tent and RV camping, a tree-top bridge crossing, a boardwalk along the river, a boat and kayak launch, gardens that act as a dual-use for storm water retention, and more.  More information on the process and conclusions can be found in the plan. Click here to view the Lowell Recreation Park Engagement Summary and Design Plan.