Rogers Field / Moose Properties

328 Front St
(Rogers Property: 42.932571, -85.336155)
(Moose Property:  42.933427, -85.333166)

While not officially designated as parkland, these two properties hold a vast amount of natural space.  There are hiking trails that cross these properties, including the North Country National Scenic Trail.  There is easy access to both rivers, with several good places for fishing.  It is not uncommon to see several deer and other wildlife on these parcels. 

There has been minimal development at these properties.  Both parcels are prone to flooding when the Grand River and Flat River crest over their banks.  Please use caution when visiting these parcels during times of river flooding.

These two adjacent properties are separated by the Genesee & Wyoming railroad tracks that service the King Milling property.  These two City properties run from the Grand River on the south to Front St. on the north. 

On the east side of the railroad tracks is the Moose property. This property has an eastern border with Division St.

The west property is the Rogers Property.  The park’s western border is the Flat River.

Visitors to these properties are asked to avoid the railroad tracks and not to trespass on them.  It is dangerous (as well as illegal) to walk on railroad tracks.  Crossings of the tracks can be made under the tracks at the NCNST underpass or under the train bridge where it crosses the Flat River.

Information on the North Country National Scenic Trail can be found at