Lowell Area Recreation Authority
The Lowell Area Recreation Authority was created through a cooperative agreement with the City of Lowell, Lowell Charter Township and Vergennes Township.

City of Lowell Members

Organized through Lowell Area Trail Agreement effective November 15, 2004

City Appointments     First Appointed  Expires
Eric Bartkus City elected official representative 01/02/2024 11/15/2024
Perry Beachum (Vice Chair) City nonelected member 11/15/2004 11/15/2025

Vergennes Township Representatives

  Township elected official representative

Township nonelected member     
Lowell Charter Township Representatives       
Mark Anderson (Vice) Township elected official representative     
Amanda Rogers  Township nonelected member     
At Large Representative      
Laura Garrison
Tom Gossiaux - Alternate
The Lowell Area Recreation Authority maintains its own website online.