Questions, Comments and Complaints

We want to hear from you!

City government operates best when citizens are engaged and there is an open dialog with city staff. We view general complaints or concerns in one of two ways.

A General Comment, or a tip, may be submitted by using the following email link. This process is used to pass along information to key city staff. We will investigate general concerns when we can unless you indicate that the concern is of a time-sensitive nature. We will acknowledge receipt of your concern if contact information is provided to us, however, we will not respond to general concerns or provide feedback to you once we have investigated and taken action. In addition, we will not keep copies of any records relating to general concerns that are filed with us.

Think of a general concern as saying to us “just thought you might want to know about this …”

A Formal Complaint must be submitted by using the following form and must include your contact information. We will investigate formal complaints immediately and provide feedback to you on the status of the complaint within ten (10) business days. Once we have completed our investigation, we will inform you of the final disposition of your complaint and explains the actions we have taken, if any.

Think of a formal complaint as saying to us “I would like you to look into this and take action …”