City of Lowell and Lowell Charter Township Implement  Odd-Even Outdoor Water Restriction
Municipal Water Customers Asked to Follow Landscape Irrigation Restriction
Through Sept. 30


Lowell and Lowell Charter Township, Michigan, June 21, 2022 – The City of Lowell and Lowell Charter Township today announced an odd-even outdoor water restriction for municipal customers that goes into effect immediately through Sept. 30.

The restriction limits when residents and businesses can water their lawns and landscaping to minimize the burden on the city’s water treatment plant during these dry, hot months. The new limit was prompted by a recent double-digit spike in water demand; it does not affect water used for drinking and bathing purposes.

Under the restriction, outdoor watering is allowed for properties in the city and township with an address that ends in an odd number on odd days. For example, an address of 611 can water on the first, third, fifth, seventh, etc. day of the month. For properties with an even address – for example, 610 – outdoor watering is allowing on the second, fourth, sixth, eighth, etc. day of the month.

“Our water treatment plant has a limit on the amount of water it can produce and, with recent demand, we are pushing the limit,” Lowell City Manager Mike Burns said. “Outdoor watering makes up a significant portion of our consumption during the warmer months. As we experience a hot, dry stretch and look ahead to more of the same in the coming months, it is important for us to take proactive steps to prevent an outright ban on landscape irrigation.

“We ask for our community’s partnership in ensuring we can continue to provide reliable water service to our customers.”

Lowell Charter Township Supervisor Jerry Hale joined Burns in asking for the community’s compliance.

“Working together, we can level the demand and maintain the sustainability of the current water system,” Hale said. “This short-term restriction will have long-term dividends for all of us.”